Blue Energy Collaborative Scholarship

INORE is committed to enhancing the collaboration opportunities of its members. We believe firmly that it is only through joint research that novel ideas and methods can be explored rigorously and presented fully to the wider world.

We allocate a portion of our annual budget for Blue Energy Collaborative Scholarships (BECS) sponsored by OES. The OES-BECS grant, up to a value of €1000 per awarded project, will be put towards travel expenses and accommodation at the research institutions where the collaborative work will take place. It is expected that the collaborative work will further the field of offshore renewable energy, and build upon the strong networks within INORE. In addition to providing an opportunity for international work, the OES-BECS grant also seeks to advance the field of offshore renewable energy through publication of research results and journal papers, making the results of the work available to a wide audience.

(The calls for the OES-BECS grants are made periodically through our website.)