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INORE’s mission is to foster collaboration in the field of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE). If like us you believe that the key to a successful ORE exploitation is research collaboration, don’t miss the opportunity to support our activities! INORE is led by a team of voluntary young researchers in the field of ORE. The steering committee is elected by its members at each symposium. INORE depends exclusively on sponsorships to fund its activities. Interested in sponsoring? Here’s what we can offer you!

Information on specifically expanding our partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region can be found here

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Through INORE, you can promote your research goals and agenda, spread information on project and funding opportunities, contact relevant researchers, and gather results on topics of interest.


INORE represents an opportunity to expose your company to current high-level academic research, and provides a forum for aligning academic work with your needs. Involvement with INORE will also improve your access to and ability to recruit future professionals from the pool of offshore renewable energy’s top minds. If you are interested in supporting INORE, please reach out to us at: [email protected] or send us a message here


There are very likely to be members of INORE from your institution! We are a sounding board and showcase for academic research via face-to-face interactions and posters, presentations and publications at INORE Symposia and events and on the website. There are also funding opportunities, incentives and support (such as OES-BECS) for collaboration between diverse institutions.

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