Billia Croo Wave Test Site in Orkney (credit Aquatera Ltd)





Floating wind turbine testing at MARIN




Credit of FloWave




Welcome to the International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy website – we’re happy to have you here!

INORE and MERIC have coordinated with the 3rd International Workshop on Wave and Tidal Energy in Valdivia, Chile, to host a Collaborative Workshop, and YOU ARE INVITED! Attend the workshop in Santiago, Chile on 15 November 2018 before the conference to share research ideas, learn technical skills, and meet like-minded early-career researchers from all over the world.

Contact Tatti Hernandez at [email protected]m to attend by OCT 31. 

Call to Attend the INORE/MERIC Workshop!

This year’s European INORE symposium will be taking place in the highlands of Scotland, October 22-27! And you’re invited!!!


Applications Closed.

2017 was a busy year for INORE! A newsletter describing the happenings as well as what can be expected coming up can be found below! You can also find specific updates from the symposia as well!


INORE Newsletter | INOREgon Update  |  Ireland Update🍀

INORE is a network of young researchers within renewable energy whose main focus is offshore renewables. INORE was created by early stage researchers, for early stage researchers who work in all aspects related to offshore wind, wave, tidal, and other offshore energies. We bring together researchers from around the world to meet, collaborate, and share knowledge.

We’ve just updated our website and hope that it is a more helpful resource to further develop research collaborations. If you’re not already registered as an INOREan, please do so here. This website is driven by its members and we hope you find it as a useful tool to find events INORE is hosting, post/search new jobs and communicate, collaborate and commiserate with research peers within the offshore renewables sector.


European Symposium 2018

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